They Uncovered Rare Footage From Elvis’ 1967 Wedding. Look Closely, This Is Incredible!


There was once a man who women the world over would scream and faint at the sight of, he was so darned handsome. He was considered the most eligible bachelor on the planet, and women would throw themselves at him given the slightest chance. This person was, of course, the legendary singer Elvis Presley.

Although many people speculated that Elvis would never settle down, he eventually fell head over heels in love with Priscilla Anna Beaulieu and couldn’t help but want to spend the rest of his life with her. When Elvis proposed to Priscilla in December 1966 his female fans the world over were disappointed at their own bad luck, but happy that the King had finally found his Queen.

We’re all big fans of Elvis – really who isn’t? – and love to reminisce about the hip swinging singer. Not only did his moves used to drive the ladies wild, but he also single handedly brought about huge shifts in the music industry, and helped revolutionize the way that the entertainment industry functions for generations to come.

Clips like this one of women losing their minds at the sight of Elvis during a performance make it clear that no other singer since has had the same intense level of star power. Girls these days might wait for hours to get a T-shirt signed by one of their favorite stars, but rarely do you see them faint at the mere sight of him. When Kate Middleton and Prince William wed in 2011 they held the attention of the entire world; people were glued to their TV sets to see the handsome Prince marry his beautiful Princess. Similarly, the wedding of Elvis and Priscilla captured the whole world’s attention. Elvis and Priscilla were married in Las Vegas, NV at the Aladdin Hotel. Elvis’s friend and manager, Colonel Tom Parker, presided over the marriage.

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