They Try Saving A Homeless Dog Moments Before Jumping Onto The Busy Freeway


This is one of those stories when an animal needs someone to help ASAP. This Pit-Bull was homeless, and spotted living next to a dangerous freeway. Hope for Paws received a call about this Pit-Bull, and they wanted someone to come and rescue him from this dangerous zone. The organization sent a guy, who tried to find it. For several weeks this guy was trying the help this dog. During this time, the guy named the Pit-Bull Veyron. I guess like the Bugatti :P Since the dog would not let the guy approach, a couple of more rescuers joined him. They all wanted to “catch” the dog, and rescue it.

They attempted a few times to catch the dog, but he always managed to sneak. Then he disappeared. They had to look all over the area where he was spotted, but couldn’t find him. After a long search, they were able to find Veyron standing on the side of the freeway. It was a critical moment, trying to keep calm, and keep the dog where it was. If he got scared or anything, he would jump into the freeway and no one wanted that to happen. So the rescuers just stood there, tried to pet the dog from the distance, until they finally caught him.

First the dog looked terrified, but once they took him to the Vet he looked better. First thing they bathed him with some warm water, and Veyron relaxed totally. He is living in an animal shelter now, waiting for someone to adopt him. If you are interested, or know someone who is interested in adopting a dog, then please share this video. We have to give credits to Hope for Paws for everything it does in saving and rescuing animals. Their contribution is truly great, and with their help they make this world a better place day after day.

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