They Took Their Dog To A Winter Wonderland. When She Saw The Snow? SO CUTE!


Winter is officially here you guys, so buckle up and get ready for some winter adventures. Start it with the cooler temperatures, rainy weather for the most of the time, grey days for the most part and so on. But winter has something really cool and special; SNOW. When you see the reaction this dog had for snow, you will laugh your heart out. Personally I have never meet someone that doesn’t like snow. Snow makes me feel like I am living my childhood years all over agin. i just get the happiest when I see out of the window in the mooring, and suddenly everything has turned into white. It is just so magical. I can’t really describe the feeling because it is just WOW. And looks like that not only people can experience something like that with SNOW.
Well let me tell you that we are not the only ones that get super excited from snow. There is one special pup named Goose. FYI Goose is a huge snow lover, and she would rather live in a permanent snowy weather place. This way she would feel the happiest every-day. This is what Goose’s parents say about her: “Goose is one funny dog. She can’t stop, and won’t be stopped! And we don’t want to stop her! She sure is excited that the winter season is upon us, but more than winter she is excited about…THE SNOW!”

So when they took her to the Winter-land, Goose could not react any differently. She showed her feelings towards S-N-O-W. She started jumping around, then doing snow-angles. it is just the paradise, and this poor dog can not understand what is happening. So much snow is just overwhelming for this puppy. Living surrounded from a view like that would be the most beautiful view ever, do you guys agree? Think about it, in the middle of the trees and snow. Just perfect and magical! The video below will show you more about Goose’s feelings!

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