They Took In A Blind Coyote, But When They Go To Check On Her The Next Day… OMG


Animal rescue stories are always heart warming and also shocking considering the pathetic state in which they are discovered. This one is going to surprise you to no end. I stumbled upon this picture story while going through a social networking site and decided it was too surprising not to share.
An animal rescue team discovered a blind coyote and when they took her to nurse her they were appalled to see that she had a gun wound in her head that has made her to go blind. She also fell 30 feet into a riverbed after she was poisoned accidentally. She would have died a terrible death if the animal rescue team had not found her.
The experts at the animal care center conducted a CPR and to the happiness and surprise of all, the coyote miraculously survived. This was not the end. One morning as the in mates went to clean her house, the coyote had another surprise for them. She had given birth to four babies overnight!
Though blind, she plays the role of a mother well. She nurtures her babies like any other loving mother would do and her babies will be under the care of their mother until they are fit enough to wander off on their own. The rescue team members are determined to look after the strong willed mother until she undergoes full recovery and shift her to a wild life sanctuary.
It is amazing to see her take care of her babies so well after everything she has undergone. She is an epitome of a dedicated and strong mother. The rescue team also need to be applauded for their kind and prompt action undertaken. My respect and admiration goes out to them.
Animals are abused daily and only a few lucky ones like the coyote in this picture story can be rescued as the rescue team cannot be present everywhere. If individuals can take up the challenge of creating awareness among people to stop this terrible crime of animal abuse, it will make the earth a safer place for animals. Also to help the animals those that are abandoned or injured by providing shelter or taking them to a rescue center will be doing a noble deed.
I encourage you to share this story among friends and family. Every person that reads this is left awed by the courage of the coyote to live. 

You can check the Animal Rescue Team Facebook page for updates.

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