They Told Their Cockatoo He’s On His Way To The Vet. His Reaction Is HILARIOUS!


This is so funny watching this angry bird getting ticked off in being told he has to go to the veterinarian. Listen to this angry bird as he gets mad at his owner for telling him to get ready by making him get into the cage. Watch this mumbling cockatoo as he gets totally ticked off when told he has to go. Watch this two minute video as the bird starts to mumble words that sound like human swear words. He continues to talk in this funny tone all along. Funny how animals know what we are going to do and react just like we do. Watch as he sees the cage and knows right away what is coming.

This is another one of those videos that shows you how similar animals are to us. They even get mad in the same ways we do. Check out this video to see what happens. The white and orange feathered head of this bird is striking as you watch him perform in this great little video.

At one point towards the end of the video Max is standing on his hind legs in a raging bird tantrum. The funny thing is you seem to know exactly what this bird is saying and it isn’t anything nice. He is totally ticked off as the owner never gives up trying to get him into the cage. Watch this funny video and pass it on to your friends.

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