They Thought This Kitten Was Going To Die, But Then A Miracle Happened!


The miracle is also in these wonderful foster parents who took Rosie in. When you see stories like this it really warms your heart and proves that miracles really do happen sometimes. Seeing this still tiny kitty walking and crawling around on this big Siberian Husky is so much fun it will make your day. Rosie is still so small and her eyes look squinty like a newborn kitty.

Watch this video as you see these two cuddle together it is so cool to watch. They really seem to be comfortable around each other. This tiny kitty climbs on top of this Siberian Husky like she is climbing a mountain. That is what it looks like when you see this video. This is simply amazing how the two bonded and as a result saved this little kitty’s life. See this tiny scruffy little kitten and how healthy she looks now. You will be truly amazed how a Siberian Husky with a natural hunting instinct takes in this tiny little kitty. Watch this video and you will see how high up on the cute meter it really is. You will be so glad to see these two together it will make your day. You would never guess they were from different species as they snuggle together. Watch this cute video and pass it on to your friends.

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