They Thought This Gorilla Was Just Playing, But Keep Your Eye On The Zoo Keeper… CRAZY!


The internet has helped pranksters gain a lot of fame over the years because people do like to see a good prank, especially when the reaction to that prank is hilarious. There have been numerous TV shows inspired by pranksters and there have even been TV shows that just show clips of pranks for the whole time – and they were still successful. That is the power and popularity of pranks nowadays.

We do, however, always associate a prank with people doing it, we never expect animals to do so. In this video, we are clearly shown that animals can also have a sense of humor and that animals can really pull pranks on other animals… or on people, since that is the case of the video.

In the video we see a gorilla pulling a prank on the zoo staff. While they were working and cleaning up some stuff, the gorilla was plotting his next move and acting nonchalantly, patiently waiting for the perfect time to strike. He even peeked around a little bit to see if anyone was noticing what he was doing.

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