They Thought It Was Over For A Puppy Found Covered In Tar. But Then… Wow!


Check out this great rescue video of this 3 month old stray in India. The poor thing got stuck in the tar and lucky for him The Animal Aid Unlimited in India came to his rescue. This is such a cute puppy you have to see him before and after in this video. This long skinny puppy with the black colored snout got caught in the tar near the road when they found him. You can’t believe how much tar he has on him. He is covered in tar. It is so sad that this happened to him but the folks in rescue India sure did a good job cleaning him up. This is one of those situations where you’re glad to have a team like Animal Aid Unlimited from India. Watch as they slowly clean him up in this video.

They have to bath him in oil and then clean him with sudsy water to get the cute puppy clean. This little puppy looks just like a little deer with his long ears. You have to see this video and how lucky he is to be rescued in India by this great organization. The Animal Aid Unlimited is such a great group and did such a great job on this cute puppy.

You can’t believe how covered in tar this little puppy is. He is such a cute puppy even when he is covered in tar. His whole body is covered in tar luckily his head wasn’t. You have to see this great video of this cute puppy as he is restored back to his original form.

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