They Spot A Baby Turtle Crying For Help. Seconds Later, My Heart Was Racing!


Animal life is only as vibrant as its surroundings. We often take this fact for granted, by constantly using the ocean as a garbage can or disposal area. By carelessly tossing garbage into the ocean, we are destroying the long term health of our planet, which is why this practice needs to come to a swift and decisive halt. The next time you are considering throwing garbage into the waters, be sure to take a look at this video, so that you can fully grasp the consequences of this decision. This group of divers could never have bargained for the sight they saw during their trip to the Maldives. The baby sea turtle shown in this clip was clearly struggling and was fortunate to come across this compassionate crew.

The sea turtle is definitely grateful to have finally been cut loose from his constraints and is certainly eager to get back into the ocean where he belongs, a wish that the divers are more than happy to oblige. Sometimes, the good deed that is the easiest to do is the one that provides the most happiness to the recipient. This baby sea turtle is not likely to forget the help he received from these men anytime soon.

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