They Sit The Bowls Down & Call For The Dogs–Then THIS Happens!


Yesterday was Thanksgiving. In my opinion it is a really special holiday. I truly admire the fact that USA has a special day to appreciate life. I think the whole World should have a holiday like this. I mean we should all take a day, and think about life. We all have a lot to be thankful for, and there is a lot we should feel grateful about. Jennifer Williams decided to prepare a special Thanksgiving dinner for 10 rescued puppies. She thought that dogs should celebrate too. They have a life, they are healthy, and they are waiting for better days to come. No matter how bed it might look sometimes, being alive is the biggest blessing of it all!

The video below shows a little bit of the dinner preparations, and I can tell you that the Turkey looks so delicious OMG. It is really sweet to do such a gesture for 10 puppies who don’t have a home. I bet it feels great to do such a thing, and the puppies will forever be grateful for her.

What happens is that once Jennifer puts the bowls full of food in front of these puppies, they just couldn’t stop eating. Apparently everything tasted delicious, and maybe it was the best dinner they have ever had in their short life. They seem to be having a lot of fun in this video, and as expected after the big dinner… food-coma of these little beauties. I can tell that once they started eating, they couldn’t stop. At least not until the bowl was totally empty. It happens the same to me you guys, so nothing to worry about in here.

Share with your friends, and if you are interested in adopting one of these puppies then you can easily get in touch with Jennifer. Contact Jennifer Williams @ if interested!

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