They Realized A Dog On Board The Plane Was In Danger. So The Pilot Did THIS.


This really human and humane video deserves a look and a share. The look on Kontorovich’s face is just so innocently grateful that you cannot help being amused and feeling grateful. The little dog is really cute too The video is a testament to the good will of at least one airline toward animal’s and the people that love the animals that fly with Air Canada.

A smart idea for Air Canada would be to use this little video as a promotional ad for their company. Pay the man a fee and reap the benefits of more passengers traveling on an airline that proves it cares about its passengers and their pets too. Put Simba in the pilots cap.

Watch this and share it with friends. The video will definitely change your attitude about airlines. You might want to keep this video handy for the next time you get stuck in a plane or delayed due to technical difficulties. You can share it with your fellow sufferers to relieve the tension.

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