They Put Cameras Inside A Retirement Home, But Never Expected To See THIS Happen!


The Belvedere Of Westlake Assistance Facility is located in Westlake, Ohio and provides services such as assisted living. It also has a very good hospital by the name St John Medical Center which is located nearby. Assisted living facilities like Belvedere Of Westlake are focused on providing assistance for the elderly with daily living activities. This assistance is in the form of housekeeping, preparing meals, medication assistance, regular check-ins and laundry. These type of facilities are designed to bridge the gap that is between independent living and the nursing home facilities. The assistance living facilities are also less expensive than nursing homes. At Belvedere Of Westlake facility, the elderly residents decided that they had enough of the “behave yourselves” routine and therefore decided to break loose in an attempt to show everyone that there is no age limit to partying therefore they are not too old to party.

The seniors ditched their strollers for electric guitars and sneaking a bottle of booze as they were playing cards. They held nothing back from gambling to drinking booze and even stripping their underwear. This shows how the seniors as well as staff had a great sense of humor confirming the fact that when someone is older, it does not mean that they lose their sense of humor. The fact that they are in an assisted facility did not make them sacrifice their right to party with one another.

One thing that is clear in this video is that these seniors are young in their hearts and the video which they made certainly made many people smile. Apart from the fact that they have a great sense of humor as well as tons of energy. The seniors, it seems, discovered that half of the physical decline which is associated with old age is due to a lack of physical activity. Therefore, the activity they engaged in helped them maintain their independence, reduced the high risk of disease and quickened their recovery from illness.

It is therefore never too late to get fit regardless of the activity because the human body will respond to exercise no matter the age. Social interaction is also very important which is what the seniors did by singing the song together to ward off dementia. The seniors during this social activity helped them maintain interpersonal relationships resulting in good emotional and physical health as well as cognitive function.

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