They Put A Camera In This 98-Year-Old Grandma’s Home. What It Recorded Will Break Your Heart!


If you asked most people how long they wanted to live, they would tell you that they either wanted to live forever or at least stick around for a very long time. But what happens to our oldest citizens once they start to reach that vaunted century mark? This video provides a glimpse of the future for some of us and it is definitely a chilling vision of things to come. Just try to watch this clip without reaching for the tissues or calling Grandma.

The woman in this video is named Mary and Mary had a little apartment to call her own. The 98-year-old woman agreed to let a film crew capture her daily existence. But there is no way that they ever could have predicted what they would see once they were inside. She is completely on her own and the secrets that she has to impart just might scare you a bit.

Her existence is quite solitary and one could imagine that most of her friends and family have long since passed on by now. She is not able to do as much and feels largely unneeded. Her children have begun to have grandchildren of their own, which cuts in the amount of time that they have to spend with her.

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