They Passed A Gun Control Law In The Middle of the Night, But This Army Vet Had Something To Say


If you are anything like me, you have probably taken notice of the fact that President Barack Obama has consistently attempted to pass new legislation without letting the American public know the full details. Events like these take place each day, as Obama continues his mission to take away guns from American citizens. When the “Safe” act was passed by Obama, it was met with a great deal of criticism. Aaron Weiss, a veteran of the army and also a police officer, decided that enough was enough, giving an impassioned three minute speech about the dangers of rampant gun control regulations. Even those who support increased gun control must admit that Weiss tore the argument into shreds.

The Dutchess County Legislature in the state of New York is the setting for Weiss’ speech. It is at this time that Weiss decides to air his grievances about these restrictive gun policies and what they mean for the future of our nation. Like the vast majority of Americans, Weiss considers his Second Amendment rights to be extremely sacred and he does not wish to have them compromise by government regulations that are passed in the middle of the night in such a stealth like manner.

Weiss is so fired up and passionate about the topics that he is discussing that he has to choke back his tears on a number of occasions, allowing him to compose himself and continue speaking. You can catch a glimpse of these moments for yourself by taking a moment to watch the video below. When he reaches the moment of his speech wherein he pays tribute to his close friend who had the grave misfortune of dying in combat, the memory is clearly still much too raw and too real for the young man to handle. He cannot control the emotions he feels and the pain is palpable.

At the onset of his speech, he touches on remarks that were made by observers who declared that passing the “Safe” act was a tremendous moment displayed by Barack Obama. In his opinion, an act that was filed under the cover of night, at a time when it could not be seen or read by the general public, did not resemble courage at all. As a solider and an officer of the law, very few people are more qualified to make such an assertion.

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