They Noticed Something Small Following Them In The Grass. What An Unexpected Surprise!


The skunk is very small. It might weigh three pounds at most. The animal is so small that it gets momentarily stuck in a hole where the grass is a bit deep. The man and woman spy the skunk’s family about thirty yards away from where they are. There are several babies and a mother. The couple determines that their little friend has accidentally become separated from its family. They hesitantly consider taking the baby back to the bosom of its family. The lady decides to film the man taking the skunk back home and the man claims he hopes to not get sprayed. The man takes the baby skunk back within five feet of its family and the baby hustles back into the pile of skunks. No skunk tries to spray the man.

The couple is stunned by how friendly the little animal was. They are flabbergasted in fact. Wild animals do not become territorial or aggressive until they reach puberty. This is why the baby skunk did not spray the people. This little video is really amazing. Who would have thought that a skunk would be hand friendly to people? The little guy really looked like he enjoyed being around the people and the people just loved their new skunk friend. This real life video is proof of the amazing things that one can find in nature. You just have to get out there and look around. This couple found a skunk baby in their neighborhood walk and made a friend of an animal just by coincidence. No-spray skunks are for real and very friendly.

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