They Let The Horses Run In The Snow For The First Time. Wait Till You See What They Do!


No doubt, horses prefer to be outdoors during the cold weather. However, there are some situations that they do not support such as rain and driving snow. In such a situation, it is good to have a field shelter or windbreak so they can avoid it and they will be just fine. Only horses with adequate body condition and a good hair coat will be better off outdoors. Fat horses winter better than thin horses. Although too much fat do not tell good on horses, however, they need it adequately in their body because it helps to create a good insulating layer beneath their skin.

Horses playing in the snow present a lovely sight. This makes me wonder if they do not suffer frostbite. In severely cold weather alone, humans feel very uncomfortable because they tend to have frostbitten noses and toes but these horses don’t.
Science has revealed that the blunt muzzle of a horse is built to withstand the harshest cold, thanks to the rich supply of blood it receives. It has also been revealed that a cold weather cannot affect horse lungs because even before the cold air gets there, the bone spirals and air pouch in his long nasal passages would have helped in keeping the cold air warm.

But what about their feet? Horses feet are known to withstand extreme cold weather because they are constructed in such a way that the can tolerated undue hardship or discomfort, even when standing in deep snow. These horses and slide and play in the deep snow because their slender legs below the knees and hocks consist of only bone and tendons. So, no matter the extent to which they are exposed to cold and snow, they can always handle it with no side effects at all.

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