They Left A Rescued Kitten With An Older Dog, Seconds Later This Happens


In this video you will see the short story of a kitten named Ricky. She gets rescued form the animals shelter, and her forever family brings her home. To our surprise Ricky is not going to be alone in the house. She finds another pet in the house, a dog. The thing is that the filmmaker named Simon Savelyev has a dog named Romy. She is lonely, who doesn’t have any friends. Looks like she is scared of other dogs, she doesn’t like to be around other animals. Her owner says that she is even scared from her own reflection in the mirror. We have no information why Romy is a lonely dog, but unfortunately that is the sad truth. But It all changed when Ricky came into the house, and the short film best describes the whole process of their adjustment.

Even though Ricky is really tiny, and small, she was able to make Romy accept her. At first it was not easy, but as they say time heals everything. I don’t know what the rescued kitten did to Romy, but she fell in love with Ricky. They say the two girls are best-friends now, and most of all they enjoy snuggling, and cuddling in the couch, while watching their favorite TV shows. For more information you guys are more than welcome to watch the video, and don’t hesitate to share this beautiful story with your loved ones!

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