They Just Covered Up Their Swimming Pool And Looked Outside To See This. OMG, Haha!


When this family decided to cover their pool, they had no idea what was about to happen. So they let their two boxers outside in the yard, and look what happened. The dogs started running around on top of the cover, and suddenly water was all over the cover because of the weight on it. Once the cover got wet these two Boxers started running like crazy, and sliding. I guess they have no ides what is happening. The most important thing to them is playing, and having some fun, and trying new innovative games as often as possible.

I just can’t get enough of looking these two having the time of their life running around. And to think that sometimes this is all it takes to make your dogs happy. They don’t need much people, they just need someone to tai care of them, someone to love them, and someone to play funny games with. The video below with best show you what is the definition of fun for these two gorgeous animals. IF you like this video, please do not hesitate to share with friends and family! Enjoy!


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