They invited these dogs to eat, you’ll be in tears laughing at their impeccable manners.


The reason this huge American manufacturer put together an ad like this was to show the world that animals are family. They deserve to eat the best food created from fresh natural ingredients. During the ad you will see that the human hands are feeding the animals most of the time, making this ad looking more formal and meaningful. As the ad goes on, you will notice that these animals act just like humans do sometimes. They can get stuffed and just stare at the others, or they just enjoy the meal so much and don’t say a word the whole time.

What this ad is trying to say to all of us is that “Animals are not just our pets. They are also our family. They are as much important to us as everybody else.” Remember that dogs and cats are our best life companions. They stay by our side no matter what happens because they love us unconditionally. All that matters to them is our well-being. IF we are well, then our animals are well. IF we are sad, than our animals are sad too. IF we are happy, then our animals are happy, and that is how the story goes. So this holiday season Freshpet tried to remind everyone that pets are our family, therefore they should all be treated as such.

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