They Heard A Baby Crying In A Bathroom. But What They Found Next…SHOCKING!


This frightening situation all happened in Beijing, China where babies face this kind of life or death situation on a routine basis. Watch this video to see what these babies have to deal with every day. The video will go on to explain about this deadly situation babies face there. There are even drop- off places just for unwanted babies. These drop-off sites are called baby hatches. These sites take in the unwanted babies but still run out of room and resources to take care of them.

This situation is a real problem in China and you will see a video capturing this kind of behavior. Lots of thanks to the people trying to help with this situation like Police Chief Qian Feng. It is very sad to see this treatment of helpless babies like this. Let this video bring attention to this daily problem in China. It is hard to believe this happens in the world today but it is a big problem in countries like China.

See how this police Chief springs into action to save this tiny baby girl. This officer is a real life hero and it will give you a great feeling to watch him in action. This baby girl has a chance at life thanks to the help of this heroic police officer. This video will warm your heart when you see how she is saved from this terrible tragedy. Thank you police chief Qian Feng and your brave rescue. Watch this video as this policeman saves the day and pass it on.

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