They Heard Cries Of Despair From Within The Well – Their Attempts Made Me So Anxious


&Watch this video to see how this little brown dog is rescued. You have to see how they finally pull the dog to safety. These rescuers are very good at getting this rope down into the well. The rescuers use a good strong rope tied in a lasso to rescue this poor dog. The lasso on the rope doesn’t quite work the way they want it to. Hooking the dog with a lasso never seems to work. You have to watch this video to see how they get this dog out of this well and water. Listen to this video as you can really hear this dog barking and squealing when it first comes on.

These rescuers try lots of times to hook this poor stuck puppy but watch what happens and how they rescue it. You will be cheering as they go about trying to lasso it. You have to see how this video turns out as the dog bites the rope and helps pull himself up. See how it gets closer each time as the little brown dog never quite makes it. This little dog just doesn’t know how to give up. His teeth are so hard that he just uses them to rescue himself.

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