They Had An Idea To Put A Preschool In A Nursing Home – But No One Expected THIS To Happen


Thanks to this clip, we can now see the positive effects that are able to take place by combining these two groups. The joy that is experienced by the children and the seniors is so infectious, you will wonder why no one came up with this idea sooner. The interactions between the residents of the senior center and the preschool are precious and with any luck, this idea will continue to spread throughout our country. The children in this clip are clearly thrilled to be spending time with those who care about them and the seniors are overjoyed to be passing on the lessons that they have learned over the years to a new generation of kids. The smiles of the children and the warmth displayed by the seniors provides ample evidence that this experiment is working, far better than anyone could have ever imagined.

It has been said that the most honest people in a society are the very young and the very old. By placing these two groups together in a calm, peaceful setting, each group is able to share their musings and wisdom with each other, illuminating each other’s lives in the process. Watching each group enjoying the company of the other will surely put a smile on your face and warm even the coldest of hearts.

The impact of these sorts of arrangements can have a huge impact on a society as a whole. If you enjoyed this clip and wish to see more facilities like these, be sure to pass the video on to your friends and loved ones. Share it on your Facebook wall, Twitter timeline and post it to Instagram and Pinterest, as well!

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