They Got Their Dog This Bag Of Balls, What He Did With Them Melted Their Hearts.


It’s very obvious, even though baby Laura is only a few months old that the two of them are going to be the best system of friends. Charlie has already shown that he wants to make the baby happy, and this is likely going to continue as the two of them grow up together.

You may want to watch the video one more time just to see how the dog goes about filling up the crib with all of the colorful balls. The video is just over two minutes long, and is well worth a watch or two. It’s cute, and it will make you want to get a dog like this – and a pack of balls.71016-1

Have you ever seen a dog try and create a ball pit party for a baby? This is one of the cutest videos out there right now, and shows just how amazing dogs can be. Share this cute dog video on Facebook now and see what your friends and family have to say.

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