They Found A Stray In This Tunnel, But When They Find Out Why She’s There… OMG!


Stray dogs have been known to find a multitude of different places to live. Whether it is under cars, in parking lots, under bridges, or like the dog in this video, inside of a tunnel, dogs are resourceful animals who can find a way to make it in this world, no matter what obstacles are thrown their way.

Dogs who have managed to forge a lifestyle for themselves are a testament to the resilience that animals have. But thanks to the good people at Heaven on Earth Animal Rescue, the dog in this clip will no longer have to suffer without the love and affection that accompanies a forever home or wonder where its next meal is going to come from.

You may think that you are about to see an ordinary, typical animal rescue video. Rescue team shows up at the tunnel, fishes the stray dog out of it, takes them home, cleans them up, sunrise, sunset. But what this particular rescue team ended up finding will shock even the most skeptical, seasoned viewer at home.

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