They Call This Doberman The ‘Horse Whisperer.’ Wait Till You See Why…


Doberman pinshers are very energetic and power canines which are most times considered to be very sweet and affectionate owing to the fact that they are people-oriented. However, they can be very ferocious and aggressive because of their stereotyped nature. The Doberman was bred to defend its owner and serve as a personal protection dog.

But from the video, it is obvious that this powerful dog has taken up another role that is quite different from what it was raised to do. The Doberman and the horse found here, have both developed profound likeness for each other. The dog can take the horse by a rope for a walk, while the horse can scratch the back of the dog with its teeth. Some clips revealed how the dog would comfortably sit on the back of the standing dog. SHARE This video on facebook

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