They Approach A Tiny Ditch – Her Horse’s Next Move Made Everyone Burst Into Laughter


As the video begins, Commando is looking pretty nervous. It is clear that he does not fully believe in himself or his ability to clear that trench. He is having a moment of doubt, which is something that each and every one of us can relate to. No matter what our abilities may be, it can be difficult to summon the courage to make that leap.

This is what makes Commando’s jump a metaphor for our own lives. He does not allow his fear to stop him and he summons the courage to take that flying leap over the trench. He clears it easily, making you wonder why he was ever so nervous. He treated the trench as if it were the Grand Canyon and his determination certainly paid dividends.

Commando is a Holstein horse and at the tender age of four, he has already come a very long way. He comes from a great pedigree of horses that are renowned for their jumping acumen. Voltaire, who was the father of the mother who birthed young Commando, had been known as a legendary jumper in his day and this skill is now passed down to his amazing grandson.

All Commando needs is a push into the right direction, which is another aspect of life that we can all certainly relate to, can’t we? With the right training and just a little bit of tough love, Commando can master any task you put in front of him.

Horses are not always confident in their own abilities and when it comes to events like this, they can be hesitant to participate. However, Commando does not allow his fear to get the better of him and after just a few moments of contemplation, he wills himself over the hole with ease. The learning process may be difficult, but you will bust a gut when you stick around until the end of the clip to see his efforts truly put to the test.

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