These Two Unlikely Buddies Are Adorable!


Life is all about making friends in unlikely places. Think about the people that are you are friends with in your life. There is a good chance that they are people who you met at uncertain periods in your personal development or that they are people who you never would have imagined yourself becoming so close to. The cat and the fox seen in this video are no different. While most of us would be surprised to see a cat and a fox getting along so well, due to the common perception of cats as needlessly cruel loners and foxes as sly tricksters, the Fennec fox in this video (whose name is Rupert) seems to have developed quite an interesting bond with the cat who he has come to know during his stay at a South African animal rescue.

William is the name of the cat and suffice to say, he has developed a very unusual bond with Rupert. Even a cynical viewer, one who has a heart made of stone, would struggle not to smile or shed a tear upon watching the interactions between Rupert and William. Just the idea of these two seemingly disparate animals bonding is cute enough, until you actually get a chance to see them play and frolic together.

These two animals refuse to let their differences divide them. Rupert has been living at the animal rescue since he was merely a month old. He’s had no time to allow his animal prejudices to kick in yet, which is a good lesson for all of us to follow. Rupert and William are two animals who would probably not be friends under most normal circumstances, but since they are both living at the same animal reserve, they have very little choice.

Even though they do not have a great deal of choice in the matter, Rupert and William are still making the best of things, which is more than some humans are even able to do. We could all learn a lesson from the bond that Rupert and William are enjoying. They do not let their differences come between them. Two animals from two very different walks of life and they are able to live in perfect harmony.

This video is recommended to any viewer who has trouble cracking a smile or whose heart has not been touched in quite some time. The most cynical, stone faced viewer would struggle to get through a single viewing of the clip without feeling the slightest of tugs to their heartstrings. If you know someone who doesn’t believe in watching videos of adorable animals and always refuses to look at them, this is the clip that will change their mind forever.

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