These Twins Start Praying And The Result Is ADORABLE!


The Lord’s Prayer has been cited by the young and old for thousands of years. It’s adorable that twins Natalie and Nicole are trying to recite it and they keep getting stuck on one of the verses. The video, which is just under two minutes, shows that some of the words are a real mouthful for them. Perhaps one of the funniest moments is when the dad turns on the video camera only to find one daughter picking her nose. As her finger is up there, he makes the request for her to recite the Lord’s Prayer. She tells him no (presumably because she is busy with her boogers) and so he asks Natalie to do it.Natalie bounces up and down and quickly goes through the entire Lord’s Prayer in a loud and high pitched voice. When it comes to “not into temptation”, then there is a bit of a struggle. It’s a mouthful for sure and dad is determined that they say it right. Nicole is having such a problem with the word that she has turned on the full stink eye, making faces as she’s trying to get the words right.

Luckily there is an older sister who seems to know it and she will help her twin sisters get it right. She doesn’t get much camera time, but she swoops in at the end to help the girls. More than likely she does so in order to help them out so dad can finally turn off the camera.

It’s funny how the girls get so loud and high pitched when they know the words and as soon as they reach that part, there is that moment of silence as if to say “oh no”. They keep trying and dad’s relentless, so it’s only a matter of time before they get it. They’ll get there. But they’re not there yet. Such a funny video and these girls really are some of the most adorable twins. It’s not clear how old they are, but they can’t be much over 2. That means we really should be giving them props that they know any words at all for this prayer.
At the end of the video, dad gives up and says “ugh” right before turning off the camera. We have no doubt that the girls will eventually nail that last part. Until they do, the video is good for a laugh. It’s short enough that you can watch it a few times and not have to worry about spending the day in front of the computer. As for the stink eye, it’s at 1:25.

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