These Senior Citizens Held Up Signs. And When You Read These Words…I’m In Tears Right Now!


Seeing videos online of teens holding up signs is not new. It is a non-verbal way to speak with emotions and heart. But when you see this video of senior citizens holding up their signs you will be touched and tears are guaranteed!

As the generation of baby-boomers age, we find ourselves with a nation of elderly people. Many seniors live alone on little income. They are ignored and neglected by their families and they watch their friends die one at a time, each leaving a hole in their world. What do we see when we look at them? Do we see someone who walks too slowly? Do we see someone who needs help getting around and seems to have a hard time doing the basics required in life? Perhaps we get impatient and try to do things for them. Sometimes we are in such a hurry, we forget they are people.

When we take the time to speak to the seniors in our life and listen to their stories, we find entire worlds we know little of. We find people who fought in World War II. We find men and women who helped win that war with great sacrifice. These people can tell you of war bonds and rubber drives. They can tell you of shortages due to the needs of the war efforts. These people that we are impatient with at the dinner table once carried the weight of our nation on their backs. Watch this video then SHARE ON FACEBOOK!

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