These Puppies Live In Trash. While Rescuing Them, Something Unexpected Happens… I’m In Tears!!


Watch this great video of this homeless dog family saved by “Hope For Paws”. This family includes mom and two cute little puppies that were living in a trash dump in downtown Los Angeles. See how difficult it was to rescue the mother and her two puppies. When this rescue group showed up the family was living in squalor and really needed a home.

See how they are all rescued and given a good home. Lisa is one of the rescuers and watch her as she grabs the two puppies first. The two puppies are both rescued by Lisa a white and tan one. She has no problem feeding them and capturing them. The rescuers name the two puppies Dallas and Texas that is so cool.

Watch this rescue effort to see how hard it is to capture this family including the mother who is named Mabel. Watch as this rescue team is called in to save this hopeless family. Mabel the mother ends up being a real challenge in this video as she is cornered after some time. When they finally capture her she is hysterical. They use a painless snare to capture her.

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