These Marines Just WOWed An Entire Arena. Now THIS Is One Performance I Can’t Get Enough Of!


The group of Marines splits into two groups of 12 that march away from each other with very high steps. The groups perform a few maneuvers with their weapons and then march toward each other and weave their lines through each other’s lines. The leaders are marching away from the marines. The groups split into individuals that form a large circle about 25 yards apart and then march toward each other to form a tight circle at the center of the football field. The marines do an about face and point their weapons out away from the group and the crowd of course goes wild. The group reassembles into a four by six column and then marches in groups of four to form a single line. High steps and swinging weapons are very much a part of the display of practice, accuracy, and discipline. Again, the crowd breaks into a thunderous ovation. The line of Marines begins to perform weapons inspection maneuvers that are highly accentuated by more movements and flourishes than an ordinary inspection routine. Every Marine is doing the same routine but they begin a few seconds apart providing a thrilling show. The crowd just goes nuts.

The commander inspects the line of Marines. He stops in front of a Marine in the center of the group. This Marine does a weapons inspection drill with a flourish and style that is definitely not standard procedure. The weapons are obviously not loaded because the Marine points his firearm at his commander in one part of the inspection. The commander receives the weapon from the Marine and does his own stylish inspection of the weapon before returning the weapon to the Marine. The commander tosses the spinning gun over his head and twirls the weapon like it was a baton. The weapon is returned to the Marine with a spinning toss. The crowd is appropriately in awe but they are not quiet about it.

A second Marine further down the line tosses his gun to the commander for a twirling inspection. The crowd goes crazy when the Marine tosses the gun. A third marine gets involved and the two Marines and their leader toss the weapons to each other to the applause, cheers, and screams of the audience. The group leaves the field to the cheers of everyone in the arena.

This group is a special unit that performs their fantastic feats of drill and weapon handling all over the world. The people in the United Sates love and respect the Marines for their sacrifice and service to the country and the show is just one way everyone can say thanks to the Marines.

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