These Guy Stop Their Car Just To Go Save A Skunk


It takes a very special kind of person to that ever life is precious, and we do really mean every life. The life of a bee is as precious as the life of a hippo, and the life of a man is as precious as the life of an elephant. Just because we can talk, just because we have technology and all that, our lives aren’t worth more than the lives of other animals. Most people don’t know this and, in fact, most people don’t even think about the value of life so they really don’t care about this “debate” (it’s not really a debate, but you get the point). So these people who don’t know the value of life just end up killing whatever crosses their path without thinking about it. No they probably don’t kill human beings, but they sure do kill ants when they step on them, they kill rabbits because they crossed them on the roads, and so on.

But some people do believe in the value of life and these people are the ones who do deserve a shoutout. Some people just don’t care about the situation or the consequences of their actions as long as they have the possibility to save a life, or to make one better. This is what we are able to see in the video. In the video, a guy stops his car right in the middle of the road, having absolutely no respect towards the driver behind him or anyone else in the road. It just looks like he did something pretty rude and dangerous, right? Well, no. What he did was beautiful since he decided to stop his car in the middle of the road just so he could go ahead and save a skunk that had a cup stuck on its head.

That was a selfless, brave action that honestly was worthy of a medal. Approaching with care so the skunk wouldn’t spray him, the guy did manage to take the cup off of its head, a small actin that probably saved the life of the skunk, or at least made it a whole lot easier. At the end of the day I guess we just need to ask ourselves: “would I have stopped the car to save the skunk?” There are multiple organizations trying to stand up for this type of behavior because people are now getting more and more aware about the power of life and beautiful gift that it is. Supporting these organizations is crucial for our development as a species. Not because of technological issues, but because of ecological and biological issues. We end up being the change we want to see in the world, which is beautiful.


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