These First Responders Line Up – Don’t Take Your Eyes Off The Officer In The Middle.


The song is immensely popular; there are hundreds of videos on line with people performing to the music. However, none is as well done, or as enjoyable, as this one. They embrace the spirit of the music, showcasing their talent and dedication. Drawing in the appreciative crowds, dancing along with the cops, swinging with the firefighters, holding hands with the emergency dispatchers, these dedicated officers made them smile. Joined by passersby, small children, and elderly residents alike rocking to the beat, the cops, firefighters, and emergency communication dispatchers brought energy and joy to all. The image of helmeted firefighters holding and dancing with small children, uniformed Police Officers dancing in choreographed precision with the elderly, and dispatchers belting out the lyrics alongside civilians is heartwarming, to say the least.

There should be more of this. More need to understand that these officers and firefighters are human beings capable of great heroism, yet possessing a willingness to enjoy life and laugh at themselves. Public Safety personnel often deal with tragedy upon tragedy, rarely having the opportunity to do something fun and uplifting. The momentary distractions from the difficult world they inhabit reinforces their humanity. The images of the dancing public safety officers created an indelible impression, one that those they serve recognized by their reaction to the performance.The joy of dance, accompanied by the engaging beat and lyrics, is one of the more powerful ways to express human emotion. This is a wonderful example of such joy.

Watch this. It will brighten your day. Then share it for the whole world to enjoy.

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