These Baby Bunnies Just Can’t Stay Awake. What Happens at 0:47? Your Heart Will MELT!


Don’t you guys think that baby bunnies are just adorable? Have you ever had one? Or have you ever seen a baby bunny in person? I have seen a couple of times, and all I can say is that they are super duper cute. They are so tiny, soft, and fluffy. You can just grab them, and keep them in palm of your head, that’s how small they are! In the video below you will see how small baby bunnies are, and your heart will explode from cuteness. These baby bunnies can’t keep their eyes open for a second.
Can’t blame them really because they are growing, and in order for them to grow, they have to spend a lot of time sleeping. Plus they love to take a bunch of naps during the day. There is nothing else for them to do actually, so we just have to adore them while sleeping. I say these baby bunnies can’t keep their eyes open for a second because in the short video below you will see that the whole time they have their eyes closed. Even though the person is trying to mess a little bit with them. She plays with the bunnies in a gentle way, and they still won’t open their little beautiful eyes.

I just have to say that I love these tinny creatures, and I would die to have one, but I can’t. I just hate the idea that I have to be out of the house for the most part of the day, and my heart would break if I have to leave the little cutie alone the whole time. I know that all they want to do is sleep, but still it isn’t fair. The video becomes a lot more interesting when the girl gets another baby bunny. Still those eyes aren’t opening. Just so adorable to watch! Enjoy!

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