These 5 Men Walk Onstage. When The Music Starts – Everyone Is Astounded


The faithful viewers of popular reality television show “Britain’s Got Talent!” had got to experience the biggest surprise since fan favorite Susan Boyle first took the stage in 2008, hands on hips and a puckish expression of glee on her face. While Susan Boyle stunned the audience with her incredible rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream” from the seminal Broadway classic, Les Miserables, this year’s audience was blown away by a group going by the cheeky name “Old Me Grooving.”
When the middle aged R&B quintet with the humorous moniker first took the stage, Simon Cowell donned his typical sour expression of skepticism, and the other judges didn’t seem all that impressed either. If the judges were unimpressed, the audience was even less so, and could be heard muttering in the background. The men, in their loafers, slacks, and sweaters were a perplexing sight for the judges and audience who were probably used to a variety of young stars and starlets in the making, some of whom I’m sure wore fantastic costumes and high end designer fashions to catch the judges eye. These guys look like they could be one of the starlet’s fathers, or like the guy you sit next to on the tube when you’re heading to work. What kind of talent could they possibly possess, rather than that rare talent of balancing work and life that so many parents struggle with on a daily basis?

All of that changed once the music started and the gentlemen, whose ages range from 40 to 60, started showing off their awesome skills all done to a lively mash up of “Sex Machine” and “Jump On It.” Their captivating moves were well choreographed, if not perfectly executed, and included a high energy mix of hip hop, break dancing, and general hip gyrating moves. Their exciting and modern dance moves soon had the attention of the crowd and the often skeptical judges, and the tide of opinion soon turned. In the end, the group earned a standing ovation not just from the audience, but from the judges as well, and while the novelty of their group may fade with time, the men were able to prove their point.

These five gentlemen came in with a goal, to show the world that age is just a number, and that with hard work, practice and a little bit of rhythm that anyone can get their groove on. Unsurprisingly, Old Men Grooving’s routine has already gone viral, and received well over 7.9 million views since it was posted on May 2nd. If you’re looking for a good laugh, or maybe to learn a few moves of your own, check out their video – it’s sure to please!

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