These 4 Dads Start Strutting From The Garage, When The Beat Drops, I Lose It


These four dads are the greatest just to attempt this and they pull it off. Watch this cool video and yes you will laugh. Watch this video and you will be laughing so hard because what they say is so cool. You have the office dad singing about his dollars and his JC Penney clothes. I will tell you there is nothing like a dad and his cool antics. Celebrate dads everywhere with this cool and funny song and a lot is true but these guys are the best. You have to see this cool video showing these four different rapping dads you will have so much fun. Check out the dads taking care of their yards and driving their minivans you will be laughing so hard. Something cool about being a dad everybody loves them. Taking care of business and being the man of the house.

This video is so much fun and that is why the dads in this video are so cool. You have to see this take on these dads having so much fun rapping. Their dancing maybe funny but these cool dads are the best when it comes on dependability. Watch this funky video of these dads rapping and having a great time. Listen as they talk about man caves and the size of their TV it is just too funny. These four dads will have you rapping and singing along. They are what being a dad is all about and we think they are the coolest dudes around. You will get such a kick out of these four dads. You will want to sing and rap along with this song. These four dads have what it takes to be a dad and also to become rappers and I would say that is really something. Watch this cool video and enjoy these dads because they have earned it being rappers and dads at the same time. Enjoy this great video about a dad’s life and salute these brave men.

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