There’s One Bug You NEED To Keep your Kids Away From This Summer – EVERY Parent Should See This!


During summer vacation, kids spend a much greater portion of their time playing outdoors. Whether it’s chasing down fireflies, in hopes of catching them and placing them inside of a jar, or holding onto ladybugs, kids have a variety of animals to play with once they step The caterpillar is especially difficult to avoid, since it cleverly disguises itself as a harmless little brown leaf. Not only do they look harmless, but they even look downright adorable. But beneath the adorable exterior lies the beating heart of a stone cold menace, so beware. Their fur has the appearance of being braided, but can also be wavy at times. These nice looking animals are covered in venom, making them incredibly dangerous to come into contact with. Their sting is so powerful, even scorpions, jellyfish and bumblebees are put to shame. Doctors who have studied the effects of these sting say that victims can suffer from vomiting, nausea, instantaneously intense pain and even severe convulsions.

When working outside or allowing your children to play outdoors, it is important to keep an eye on the trees, as Puss caterpillars can fall from them without warning. Should you come into contact with one and be stung, you will require immediate medical attention, since the pain is also immediate. Just because a creature looks cuddly and is covered in soft fur, this does not make it suitable to be petted or played with.

These creatures, when left to their own devices, eventually develop into something more beautiful and much less deadly. However, parents must keep a close watch on their children during the summer season, so that they can avoid these seemingly adorable troublesome animals. Warn your children about the dangers of petting caterpillars before sending them outside and be sure to share this video with fellow parents on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Passing this link on just might save a life or two, so don’t be shy.

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