There’s a Disturbing Secret About Costco Eggs … This Video Reveals The Shocking Truth.


Warning: The video depicted in this article contains graphic imagery involving the abuse of animals and could be difficult for some viewers to watch. Costco has spent over eight years claiming that the eggs purchased at their stores are produced by cage free chickens. Even the packaging of their eggs shows smiling, happy chickens who are allowed to roam free. However, this image projects a false reality to Costco consumers. Those who enjoy shopping at the bulk discount giant may want to take a look at this video, so they can learn the shocking truth. The United States Humane Society recently completed their own undercover investigation, looking more closely at the treatment of the chickens who live on Costco farms. Their findings were shocking and deplorable, as they learned that the chickens are being forced to live in absolute squalor. These poor, innocent chickens have been crammed into dangerous cages with wire bottoms. With so many birds living in such a small space, simple acts that most of us take granted, such as the spreading of wings or moving about are next to impossible. The meager food and water that is being supplied to these chickens is incredibly hard to reach, because quarters are so cramped.

Thanks to these reprehensible conditions, many of these chickens end up passing away at a young age. Their bodies are often left behind for hours or even days and are at the mercy of farmhands coming to clean up the carnage. In many instances, these dead birds sit for so long, they become mummified lumps. The other chickens have no choice but to continue living their lives around the corpses and even lay eggs on top of dead bodies, which is something no living creature should ever have to experience. The Center for Food Safety has issued repeating warnings on the topic, letting farmers know that keeping chickens in these conditions can lead to the outbreak of salmonella.

If this video is any indication, then these chickens are currently stuck in conditions that are a perfect storm and a virtual breeding ground for salmonella, as well as any number of other airborne diseases. Don’t believe it? Then be sure to take a moment and watch this clip for yourself, but be forewarned: it is not for those with faint hearts or weak stomachs.

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