There is nothing as powerful as a mother’s love! This cat is no different


They say that dogs and cats are mortal enemies, but I have changed my mind about that long time ago. The reason I have done so, is because all the amazing videos, and articles I have read about these two pets. They get along perfectly if they live in the same family; furthermore, they treat each-other like real siblings. The following video will show you that cats don’t hate dog, and dogs definitely don’t hate cats. In this video you will have the chance to see a cat who just gave birth to a few kittens. There is nothing as powerful as a mother’s love, and this video will prove it to you.

As you will be able to see, the cat in this video, just gave birth to her little tiny kittens. She is full with maternal love, and when they approach a little puppy, she just starts petting it as if it was her own. At first the cat is a little bit skeptical because she can’t understand what it is. Once she smells it, she starts asking for it. So the girl, who has the puppy, just leaves it inside the box where the cat mother and her babies are resting.

It is really sweet to see how gentle this cat mother is towards the little puppy. She smells it, and watches after him just the way she for her little kittens. So when I say that dogs and cats are not mortal enemies, you should know that I get inspired from these type of videos. And not only, I also get inspired from those funny videos when cats and dogs are best friends too. They are the best companions, and make perfect duo’s. Having a cat and a dog, is like the perfect combination. They love to play, have fun, and snuggle. What else could you be asking for?

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Source: Boredomtherapy

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