Their Horse Kept Disappearing So They Set Up A Camera. What It Caught Is AMAZING.


In this video, we can see a clear example of the intelligence Horses can have. The people who shot this video noticed that one of their horses kept disappearing every once in a while, and it started becoming a mystery. Then after some time, other horses started to disappear and that’s when they decided to do something about it.

To get to the bottom of the mystery, they decide to set up a camera in order to find out what was happening. What they found was amazing: one of the horses learned how to break free and then decided to set every single horse free. At a certain point, it looks like we’re watching an episode of Prison Break with horses involved in it.

Clearly, the horse was responsible and didn’t do anything he shouldn’t be doing, except going for a walk every once in a while. After all he did manage to break free, so one could argue that the horse earned the right to take those walks. Bottom line is: this is a very intelligent animal and I bet that soon enough the other horses are going to understand the trick and set themselves free whenever they want to as well.

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