Their Big Dog Was Afraid Of The Water. But Wait Till You See What Dad Does…


When Samson first gets into the pool, he latches onto his owner like an oversize child, a sight that is adorable to see. Even though we do feel bad for poor Samson, watching an enormous dog cling to his owner out of sheer terror is certainly good for a few chuckles. As Dad rubs his back and reassures him, we start to see Samson’s fear melt away. He is clearly still scared, but is starting to at least get used to the idea of being in the water. Samson continues to hug his father and hold on for dear life, as Dad attempts to reassure the big lug. Samson is so large and so afraid, he nearly takes Dad down to the bottom of the pool! To Dad’s credit, he does not get frustrated as many dog parents would in this situation. He tries to teach Samson the proper way for a pup like him to swim. Samson’s fear starts to fade as he realizes that he is in good hands with an owner who cares as much as his does. He begins to settle down and enjoy the water, now knowing that he will be kept safe by his father.

Samson starts to show off his doggy paddle and is clearly enjoying himself, now that he’s no longer clinging to Dad for dear life. Clips like this one show us that all it takes a little patience and some tender, loving care. Parenting is never easy (especially when your child cannot speak!), but this father handles the situation perfectly and helps his fur baby adjust to the water like a pro.
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