Their 3-Year-Old Girl Went Missing In The Woods. Now Watch What The Family Dog Does.


This is an incredible story about a family dog coming to rescue his best friend. Victoria a three year old little girl wandered off to find her trusty friend Blue the family dog. The area Victoria lives in is a country area surrounded by trees. The town of Cordes Lake, Arizona was shocked when they learned that the little girl was lost. This all took place in the freezing cold of winter. With these freezing temperatures came a great danger. Would she be frozen or maybe frostbite.

Watch this amazing story of how this burly dog saved his best friends life. You can’t believe how the two best friends looked as they were finally found by the life-saving helicopter squad. The dog had her covered and was playing watchdog when they found them. It turns out that Blue had kept her somewhat warm overnight from the frigid below zero weather. She did however have some frostbite.

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