The World’s Tiniest Terrier Pup Is Smaller Than A Coca Cola Can?! Unbelievable!


Some people prefer to have small dogs than big ones. One good reason for this is that they look so delightful. However, apart from being just absolutely adorable, most small dogs are appreciated because they are great at being snuggle buddies and family companions.

It is very easy to care for small dogs, and because of their tiny nature, you can easily travel with them and enjoy lots of fun too. Like their larger cousins, small dogs too can boast of quality adventurous personalities. As much as any other dog, little dogs enjoy being active with their owners, after all, they are still dogs.
You have not yet seen enough if you think you have seen a lot already. This terrier pup is a living wonder anyone would like to see. Smaller than the size of a coca cola can, this dog is so petite that anyone could have missed it. However, despite its smallness, the pup is just too great to be adored. As its owner, you will only be worried not to lose sight of it because you will not know where it will go and hide.
The size of the dog and its comparison to a Coca Cola can may sound so hilarious. This is no joke at all, the pup is indeed small and it is not going to grow any further. If not for its doggy look and character, you would hardly tell the difference between her and a mouse. Unlike her terrier cousins, that are well noted for stubbornness, this adorable pup is very cheerful and happy. It seems as if nothing can make her sad.
At birth this tiny adorable creature was mistaken by her owner for a piece of placenta and almost thrown into the bin, if not for the life was felt in her. She is just 7cm tall in height and 12cm long in length. Weighing just 250 grams the terrier is slightly heavier than a hamster.
Hopefully, this pup is shorter that the current reigning world’s smallest dog, Milly that measures 9.6cm in height, she is likely to beat this record. This pup may likely be recognized by Guinness World Records soon of which her owner is so delighted to see her enter the record books next year.

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