She Decided To See Where Her Dog Spent The First Years Of Her Life. Watch The Reaction…


As human beings, however, we should protect every dog in existence and every animal for that matter. We should never harm another living creature and we should cultivate peace and love, no matter what.

In this video we see a dog owner that loves her pup learn a little more about her best friend; she decided to go check out how he spent the first days of his life and what she saw was gruesome. She saw something that she won’t forget for a long, long time. But at the same time, she saw a motive to be extremely happy with her pup and the life they currently have, mostly because he can now be happy and someone is looking out for him.

In March 2015 the Humane Society close a dog meat farm and saved 57 dogs in the process. In the video, the dog owner is an adopter of one of these dogs and she is clearly shocked at the bad conditions the dogs lived in. The weather was cold food was scarce, they didn’t even have room to live happily and to run freely – it was terrible, especially for a dog. So much so, the owner breaks down in the middle of the video, but she should be glad she made her dog happy once again.

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