The Tiniest Dog In The World Meets A Huge Great Dane. What Happens Next Is Too PERFECT!


The little dog and the Great Dane have become fast friends and they do not let their difference in size get in the way of having a good time. While the little guy can only dream of being as large and poised as his new big buddy, he has got a long way to go before he could ever reach that sort of potential.

From the looks of it, the Great Dane could simply pick up the little dog and place him in a shoe box. Or even eat him for a light snack, if he felt so inclined. The Great Dane’s name is Sasha, who has taken quite the interest in the smaller dog, even though they look like two different species of animal.

But as we all know, the best of friends come in all shapes and sizes. Despite the major size difference between them, these two dogs are rapidly becoming great friends. The little puppy will one day have an opportunity to be as big and strong as his new pal. With the right role models, anything is possible.

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