The Talented Hot Scots Drum To The Beat


High School can be fun sometimes and the proof is in the video. Dylan, Elias, Jordan, Matt, and Nigel from Lake Howell High School in Winter Park, Florida decided to offer up their unique performance for the 2011 school talent show. These five guys decided to dub themselves the “Hot Scots” and dress in quilts for their school talent show and they won first place. Never realizing that one day the video taken of them may go viral on YouTube. Their performance was as you unique as it was entertaining. Of course their Scottish heritage may not be legitimate and their drum beat nothing like a Scottish tune but in high school dressing a couple of guys in skirts or the more appropriate term “kilts” most definitely sounds like it’s good for a few laughs. To top it all off, they just threw that performance together in a week

These 5 drummers may have already graduated from high school but their video is still gaining momentum. They have almost 5 million views. The video was so popular that Nigel Fernandez decided to gather another group of guys for more fun the next year. Missing from the second video is Dylan and Elias but the new addition Max brings the total to four guys. This video has a little over 100 thousand views but these guys are so entertaining it may take off at any moment. Where exactly do they learn all their cool moves? The Lake Howell High School Silver Regiment, director is Class of 2004 alumni Mr. Eslava. The schools marching band is comprised of not only percussion instruments but they also have brass and woodwind instruments and a color guard. They have been recognized as an exceptional high school band on and off the field.

They attribute their success to the many dedicated students, parents, volunteers, friends, and alumni that spend hours of time helping the band. More proof that these 5 guys really know their stuff; most people practice for weeks or even months before the talent show to make sure that they win. They carefully plan out their costumes and each step they are going to take on stage. You can really tell that it was all about the fun for these guys. I can bet that most adults can’t even remember having so much fun in high school, but these Hot Scots will have the memories to last them for a life time because there video has gone viral and circulated the web so many times. Lake Howell High School still does their annual talent show in March every year; where the audience can enjoy rappers, instrumentalist, singers, dancers, and more. You can even search YouTube and find other talented performers from recent talent shows. This school has the talent!

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