The Silly Squirrel Drunk On Crab Apples.


Every animal has a comic side. When it comes to videos, people love to see animals acting silly. The squirrel that is drunk on crab apples is the winner for this round. The squirrel must have been either very hungry or crab apples are his favorite. He must have eaten a thousand it seems. His belly is round, it seems about to pop. He cannot get on his feet no matter how hard he tries. Could this be from his full belly or his drunken state off of the crab apples? Either way it is quite hilarious. There are no other animals to be seen in the video. It is pretty obvious the squirrel did not share any of his treat.

Maybe on a warm sunny day, the squirrel would have fared better. He would have had a flat, smooth ground to run across. The snow does this fella no favors. He cannot get a firm foot on the ground not matter how hard he tries. Then trying to get down the tree, he goes head over heels. There is no way but down when your belly is so full. May be he will think twice before eating a whole stash of crab apples again.

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What is it about animal videos that make us laugh? No matter how hard our day has been, seeing this squirrel makes you laugh out loud. You cannot help yourself. You seem to feel like a small child again. Maybe it is the silly actions of the squirrel that gets to us. Maybe it is the falling over and over with his full belly that makes us giggle like we are five years old. Could it be the thought that we could do the same thing? Have you ever had a favorite food you wanted to eat over and over? This little squirrel does, it is crab apples. He must love them more than any other thing he can get to. There is a bird feeder in the picture, but he does not pay any attention to it. Silly little squirrel.

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