The Sacrifice That This Dog Made For Her Family Is Incredible


A story like this one just might make you tear up, so be sure to have a box of tissues on hand. This is one of the most touching stories we’ve come across in a long time and the true loyalty that dogs feel for their owners is on full display. The story is so amazing, the real name of the dog has been withheld.

She will be called Myra for the purposes of this story, even though that is not her real name. She was spending a quiet, normal day at home with her family, when the unthinkable took place. An intruder burst into the home carrying a gun. The man then shot both the father and the mother of the family.

Once the man tried to shoot the family’s child, Myra sprung into action. She jumped in front of the child that she loved so dearly and took a bullet on their behalf. While most of us are fond of claiming that we would take a bullet for the people we love most, Myra actually did it. She is a living testament to the power of love.

Her act of selfless bravery made her a local hero and she has received a great deal of praise from those around her. The child whose life Myra saved cannot thank her enough and all of the other children in the neighborhood regularly sing her praises. This dog deserves all of the love and affection in the world for her thoughtful actions. Just take a look at this incredible footage:

The world could certainly use more dogs like the one in this clip. Myra’s heroics saved a child from an early grave and ensured that her legacy will live on long after she’s gone. If this story impressed you as much as it did us, then take a moment to share it with your friends and family. They will definitely be glad that you did.

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