The Reaction Of This Guilty Cat Will Have You Laughing In Just 13 Seconds!


A cat that is bored acts restlessly and they tend to be more destructive. They are intelligent animals and crave for both physical and mental stimulation from its owner. They need socialization with their breed and other animals and humans just like humans need to socialize. When your furry company is still young it is a must to introduce him or her to many human and make the meeting a pleasant one. Cats should be encouraged to accept people otherwise they will react anxiously around new visitors and often react aggressively in some situations. Cats show clear behavioral signs when they are anxious. When guests appear in your home, they will hide under the tables or beds and will disappear for days if the visitors stay over. An anxious cat also usually sleeps during the day for long periods of time, more than necessary.

A cat owner should closely observe the behavior of his cat and take steps accordingly. Making guests to offer the cats tasty treats helps to make the cat familiar with the new guests. Aggressive behavior in a cat can be both offensive and defensive. An aggressive cat that is offensive will try to make itself look bigger in order to intimidate the object it encounters while an aggressive cat that is defensive shrinks in size while adopting a self protective posture. In some cases a cat becomes aggressive due to medical conditions.

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