The Purrfect Crime: When Cats Get Hungry For Pizza


When the owners of these cats attempted to eat their pizza, their feline friends sneakily tried to steal a slice or two for themselves. It’s pretty much known that everyone enjoys a slice of pie, but I’m sure most of you hadn’t the slightest thought that cats loved it just as much as the people do! Peering around and under computers and over work spaces would be enough to send any cat lover over this edge in a matter of minutes without adding food to the equation, but by adding a goal to the joy makes it all the more funny. By far the most comedic segment of the video is the growling cat.
As if the pizza were ordered for the two domestic cats to scour the cat began to defend his dinner. The cheeky thing about these felines is the fact they play the characteristics in that of a dog, the cute begging, the sneaky take away, and taking off with the prize! It’s almost too precious for the owners to cry over stolen pizza! Throughout the video you hear comments from the cats’ owners requesting that the cats’ let go off the pizza or “drop it…” which of course they don’t.

They begin to treat the cats like dogs, the only difference is felines don’t enjoy the concept of obedience. As the video progresses the attempts get cuter and more tactical, but how far would a regular household cat go to get away from its regular Meow Mix for a greasy slice of pizza? The owners allow the tasty treat to be kept out until the cats notice the cheesy scent, they act with care and concern the pet, but almost forget to persist preventing the cats from actually eating and digesting such an unhealthy food because they’re capturing what’s cute and entertaining to the world.

Most owners were too distracted by cats dragging around slices of pizza half the size of their bodies! Cats regularly find themselves in charge of all they do, but in this case their sassy feline capabilities and video-genic personalities allow for the choice in feast for the night. Luckily, these feline owners had their cameras at easy access when their cats got hungry and managed to capture the exact moments their kitties extended out their claws and used their paws to steal the all mighty pie slice. In the end we learned when pizza is brought home, as a friendly feline owner either prepare your cat a seat at the dinner table that night, give him seconds in the morning, or be prepared to look the other direction when a darting figure comes out of nowhere and you come to find a slice or two is missing. Apparently, Garfield adored his lasagna while his friends preferred pizza.

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